EMBRACE Nederland

EMBRACE Nederland develops innovative music programmes to help vulnerable people to a better quality of life. By vulnerable people we mean elderly people who live at home alone or in care and nursing homes, elderly people with dementia and people with disabilities. Professional and amateur musicians work together to realise these music programmes. We also organise trainings for carers, volunteers and care staff to teach them to use music in their daily care tasks.

Current projects are the Music & Dementia Workshops and Inclusive music theatre ANDERS!.

EMBRACE Nederland and the Festival

Innovative projects regarding welfare, care and education have always played an important roll in the programming of CityProms. CityProms’ social branch merged into its own foundation. All these projects are now being delivered under the flag of EMBRACE Nederland. The Festival and EMBRACE Nederland are inextricably linked.

CityProms as multiplatform

The CityProms podia are not just a place for cultural entertainment but also a multiplatform for all the projects and activities regarding care and education. On these podia we show you what EMBRACE Nederland can mean to vulnerable people.


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