‘Becoming the best youth band in the world’

‘The best youth band in the world’ is what the English brass band Youth Brass 2000 aspired to be 27 years ago. They seem to have succeeded! Youth Brass 2000 is ruling English champion and ruling [...]

‘We challenge people to join in’

Ingeborg Walinga | Director North Netherlands Orchestra: “Classical music is for everyone, but people sometimes experience hurdles. CityProms and the North Netherlands Orchestra want to try to [...]

Closing concert Allan Withington Conductors School

Saturday the 23rd of June will be the start of the tenth edition of the Allan Withington’s Conductors Summer School. Ten national and international student-conductors will come together in [...]

Grutsk: gigantic HAFABRA & SHOW-festival at high level

The wind orchestras have always played an important part during CityProms. This year the sector will have an important podium during Grutsk: over 2018 amateur musicians, dancers and singers will [...]

‘Classical music is a big part of my values’

Per-Otto Johansson became famous is Sweden and Denmark because of his performances with almost all orchestras in both countries. He is an internationally much wanted conductor. On Friday the 29th [...]

‘Music doesn’t need a dress code or rules’

Alice Sara Ott comes from a Japanese-German background and she is one of the most wanted soloists. She often works together with worlds most famous conductors and orchestras. On Sunday the 1st of [...]

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