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Alice Sara Ott

Alice Sara Ott comes from a Japanese-German background and she is one of the most wanted soloists. She often works together with world’s most famous conductors and orchestras. Ott is well known for her virtuoso, elegance and the energy in her playing.



Alice Sara Ott was born in München in 1988. Het Japanese mother studied in Tokyo and her father was a German civil engineer. She started having piano lessons when she was four years old. She was the youngest finalist in the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition in Japan in 2002. She won the award for most promising Artist. She started studying at the Salzburg Mozarteum with Karl-Heinz Kämmerling when she was 12. Ott has won prizes for several piano competitions including the first prize during the Pianello Val Tidone competition in 2004. Her sister Mona Asuka Ott is also a professional pianist.


Newest Album: Wonderland

Alice Sara Ott brought out the album Wonderland under the label of the Deutsche Grammophon. This album includes her interpretation of Grieg’s virtuoso piano concerto Lyric Pieces and the Peer Gynt-suite.


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