Eric Vloeimans and big band Licks & Brains are completely at home at CityProms

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During CityProms master trumpetist Eric Vloeimans will work together with the Big Band Licks & Brains. Vloeimans: “I heard them on the radio and though: you can really hear the fun they are having! What a formation. I want to do something with this.”
Big band Licks & Brains combines jazz with a big dollop of soul, funk and dance. During CityProms you will be able to hear compositions by Vloeimans in special new arrangements, but also the big band’s repertoire. The special approach, energy and sound of Licks & Brains creates a completely new atmosphere around Vloeimans’ music. Vloeimans: “It’s elated, bubbling, sturdy and it makes you incredibly happy. It’s very energetic, it really comes across the footlight.”

‘I like to do things that don’t necessarily belong that way’

Vloeimans realises that his music doesn’t create the intimacy a classical music piece does. This is why he calls this performance at CityProms slightly ‘daring’. Which is something he identifies with. Vloeimans: “I like to do things that don’t necessarily belong that way. I feel very elated in my clothing as well. I don’t mind coming on stage in a pink suit with a symphony orchestra. Not because I want to shock people, but because I feel this is fitting. I don’t feel at home in a black suit. You have to be yourself whilst making music, that way you’ll will come across as the strongest you can be towards your audience, yourself and your co-musicians.”


Friday 29 June Wilhelminaplein, main stage
22.45 – 23.45

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