‘Music doesn’t need a dress code or rules’

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Alice Sara Ott comes from a Japanese-German background and she is one of the most wanted soloists. She often works together with worlds most famous conductors and orchestras. On Sunday the 1st of July she will be playing with the Camerata RCO. The ensemble consists of members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and they will be playing Mozart’s piano concerto KV 415.

When she was three years old, her parents took her to a piano recital. She knew from that moment on that she wanted to learn the magical language of the piano. Music became her way of expressing herself and connecting with people. Het Japanese mother studied in Tokyo and her father was a German civil engineer. Alice Sara Ott: “Especially when I was younger and when I didn’t understand why I wasn’t being treated as a local in either Japan or Germany, music gave me an identity that wasn’t related to a specific culture, language of religion.”

Mozart’s piano concert KV 415

She will be playing Mozart’s piano concerto KV 415. Ott: “It is one of the less famous piano concertos by Mozart, but it is a very charming and playful peace with a few surprising melancholic moments. It was the first piano concerto that I learnt.”

Dress codes and rules

There are two things that trouble her in classical concert halls: dress codes and rules. Ott: “I don’t think the listeners need instructions on how to dress or listen. Music doesn’t deserve that! I believe you should be completely relaxed to be able to enjoy music. Personally, I feel most comfortable on bare feet. This is why I don’t wear shoes on the podium. There should be more ‘do’s’ and less ‘don’ts’.

Annebeth Webb – Camerata RCO

“This is the first time that we will be playing with Alice. Ze is a big character and she is a brilliant pianist.”, says second violinist at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Annebeth Webb. “Mozart is always special, it is so pure. The piano concertos with string quintet accompaniment are very suitable for the Camerata RCO because it is a score for orchestra in an ensemble setting. We are looking forward to it very much and we’ll do our very best to make something special out of it!


Alice Sara Ott and Camerata RCO
Sunday 1 July
13.30 – 14.30

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