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Sunday 3rd October | 11.30-12.30
Palace of Justice, Leeuwarden

Channa Malkin & Izhar Elias

Soprano Channa Malkin and guitarist Izhar Elias found each other in their love for folk and baroque music and the stories that intertwine their own family history. In 2019 they released their album Songs of Love and Exile, with Sephardic songs and music by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. This album was praised by the national and foreign press, and received four stars from De Volkskrant: “It is a special CD. Her voice is beautiful: a young sound, a mature approach. Her narrative style is penetrating.” The duo can be heard at, among others, the Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, Noorderkerk Amsterdam, the Spiegelzaal in the Concertgebouw and at the Dutch National Opera. They are frequent guests on Radio 4 and Podium Witteman.

Stories about homesickness and exile

“A large part of our programme consists of Sephardic songs. That is the music of the Jewish inhabitants of Spain and Portugal who were expelled by the Inquisition. They fled to the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. We also tell our own family story, which pervades homesickness and exile. The songs are characterised by melancholy and sadness, but also contain joy, hope and passion. The language of the songs, Ladino, is the language of the Sephardic Jews, which is unfortunately slowly dying out. With this programme we breathe new life into the language and the music of an often forgotten minority.”

Most beautiful concert:

“The multimedia opera Handel goes Tinder at Theater Festival De Parade in Amsterdam and Utrecht, 2019. Together with a number of colleagues we created and produced this opera ourselves. At De Parade we played almost 30 completely sold-out performances to an audience which was introduced to opera and Handel’s music, for most for the first time. They were delirious. It was so special to bring this music to a young and new audience and to notice that they loved it just as much as we did!”

After CityProms:

  • October 21st/22nd: One-woman opera Non muore mai in the Pleintheater, Amsterdam (Channa)
  • October 31st: Handel goes Tinder at Keppel Castle ( )


Channa Malkin and Izhar Elias

Sephardic songs – arr. Duo Malkin-Elias, Daniël Akiva and others

Psalms of Life – Lowell Dykstra

Channa Malkin en Izhar Elias

Date: Sunday 3rd October
Start time: 11.30 – 12.30
Location: Palace of Justice, Leeuwarden

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