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Saturday 2nd October 14.00-15.15
Neushoorn, Main Auditorium

Circus Charms (young and old)
Music theatre by Frank and René Groothof with chamber music ensemble SeaSession

The Groothof brothers are back with a dazzling show. A musical circus, a family performance in which contradictory nonsense plays the leading role. They play around with the insane stories and alienating world of Russia’s greatest absurdist writer, Daniil Charms. They whirl around the ring fighting, playing, arguing and singing. No circus is complete without live music: SeaSession plays powerful music from 1920s Revolutionary Russians.

Brotherly strife and brotherly love

The Groothof brothers are ringmasters and present a variety-style evening full of music, film, magic, clowning and acrobat acts. But they are mainly busy with each other. They do this, for example, by trying out (failing) routines. Brotherly strife and brotherly love compete for attention. This often collapses into name-calling and fights, followed by reconciliation. They perform with each other as musicians: and together they want to disrupt serious music. Every time they announce a new act, the orchestra comes on and the music dominates. Movies are also played at random. The musicians refuse to be distracted and continue to play undisturbed: this is, after all, their act. And of course the brothers take over again, trashing failed acts and generally creating chaos.

SeaSession Ensemble

The SeaSession Ensemble plays chamber music by unknown avant-garde Russians from the 1920s, contemporaries of Charms.

Rarely performed pieces by composers Alexei Zhivotov, Alexander Mosolov, Arno Babadjanian, Vladimir Deshyevov and Leonid Polovinkin.

Pieces performed:
Alexander Mosolov Two Dances op.23/b nr 1 – arrangement: Pauline Post
Alexander Mosolov Three Pieces Op. 23/a No. 1 – arrangement: Pauline Post
Alexander Mosolov 4 Newspaper ads op. 21 – arrangement: Valery Voronov
1. Tell All
2. Missing Dog
3. Citizen Zaika (Stammer)
4. Personal Visit
Aleksander Mosolov 3 Children’s Scenes op.18 – arrangement: Valery Voronov
1 Mum, give me a needle
2 Zh…The top has broken
3 A-a! Granny!
Arno Babadjanjan – Images for Piano: Part 1, 2 , 3, 5 – arrangement: Pauline Post
Arno Babadjanjan – Violin Sonata Part II – Andante Sostenuto
Alexei Zhivotov – Sketches for nonet, Op. 2 – arrangement Valery Voronov
Vladimir Deshevov – Relsy
Vladimir Deshevov – Exotic Suite


music theatre by Frank and René Groothof with chamber music ensemble SeaSession

Saturday 2nd October, Neushoorn, Main Auditorium 14.00 – 15:15

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