Saturday 9th October | 21.00-22.15

Dutch Swing College Band

The Dutch Swing College Band, the leading and best-known jazz orchestra in The Netherlands, still guarantees professional performances of traditional jazz music at a world-class level. The swinging orchestra, founded on May 5th, 1945, is highly regarded with its exemplary function as the calling card of Dutch Jazz and has released more than 150 albums (a cautious calculation…).

The line-up has of course changed several times over the years, making the Dutch Swing College Band more than just an ordinary group of musicians. The word ‘institute’ is more applicable here. With refreshing arrangements in the unmistakable Dutch Swing College sound, played by a rejuvenated orchestra, the Dutch Swing College Band is energetic today like never before.

The Dutch Swing College Band comprises of:

Keesjan Hoogeboom – trumpet
David Lukács – clarinet, saxophone
Bert Boeren – trombone
Peter Kanters – banjo, guitar
Adrie Braat – double bass
Anton Burger – percussion

A sample of European Classic Jazz

The Dutch Swing College Band is widely regarded as the most important representative of European Classic Jazz. Since it was founded, the band has distinguished itself on a number of fronts: the permanent line-up always consists of excellent and dedicated musicians so that quality is guaranteed. The music sounds organic, the band explores the musical boundaries in a virtuoso way with respect for the style of Classic Jazz. In addition to the individual musical freedom of the players, which comes into its own in improvisations, it is the musical cohesion and interaction between the musicians that are so characteristic of DSCB’s group sound.

Most beautiful concert:

“Taichung, Taiwan open air concert 2013 with tens of thousands of young Chinese who were unfamiliar with our music but responded with great enthusiasm.”

After CityProms:

Festival: Jazz Festival Heilbronn
Date: October 15th, 2021
Location: Germany


A selection from the classic jazz repertoire supplemented with hits from the glorious past of the Dutch Swing College Band.

Date | Time | Location

Dutch Swing and College Band

Date: Saturday 9th October
Start time: 21.00 – 22.15
Location: Wilhelminaplein, Leeuwarden

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