Saleem Kahn recieves Friesian Emmy Award during CityProms

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The Friesian trumpetist Saleem Khan will receive the second Friesian Emmy award on the first of July. The ceremony award in the Harmonie will go together with performance from Khan himself, cellist Wytske Holtrop and the VKS Orchestra. The ceremony of the Friesian Emmy will be everything but boring. The Friesian Emmy does have a very important and serious purpose: giving a podium to young Friesian musicians who will break through internationally.


Saleem Khan is from Oudega and was until recently was a solo trumpetist in München. He will play the trumpet concerto by Haydn with the VKS Orchestra after he has received his award from Emmy Verhey. Cellist Wytske Holtrop also has a fair chance of winning the award in the future. She will be playing Elgar’s cello concerto opus 85 in E minor.

VKS Orchestra

The VKS Orchestra led by Lubertus Leutscher, will play Symphony number 6 by Dopper, also known as ‘Amsterdamse’. You can hear Amsterdam in the piece. At some point the cello plays out of tune, which is supposed to suggest a drunken man. You can also hear a tram drive by. The final piece is the swinging Jazzsuite no. 2 by Sjostakovitsj. It wil be an easily accessible evening with high quality performances. This will be the first year that the Friesian Emmy Award will be awarded during CityProms.


Sunday 1 July
Concert hall the Harmonie – 19.30

This article is part of the CityProms Festival Newspaper

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