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Music gives us a good feeling, stimulates our empathy and connects us to ourselves and others. Making music is something that is part of the Friesian DNA. This is becomes very clear when you look at the CityProms festival, where thousands of Friesians will be performing. EMBRACE Nederland uses music to give vulnerable people a better quality of life. Artistic director Philip Curtis: “Care staff also like to make music or sing. We want to let them experience how you can use music in the daily care practice.”

EMBRACE Nederland

Music can replace words

EMBRACE Nederland has organised music workshops for people with dementia and their carers for several years. De musicians included have been specially trained. The effects of the workshops after a series is incredible. People become more lively during and after the workshops. Curtis: “People tend to eat and sleep better. It’s also easier to make a connection with them. Music also has a big influence on the care staff. When it is difficult to reach people with words, music can lend a helpful hand.”

Music creates peacefulness and relaxation

Music doesn’t just have an effect on people with dementia, other vulnerable people can benefit from it too. Last year EMBRACE Nederland and TALANT started doing interactive concerts for people with multiple disabilities. The effect these concerts have on people is very positive. People are more relaxed, feel better and show less behavioural problems.

Music takes away stress

Music in the care sector doesn’t have to stop at workshops of concerts, quite the contrary! Philip Curtis: “A restless woman with dementia who refuses to take medicine, can be calmed down if you sing to her. This is how you can use music in the daily care practice. It makes life much more pleasurable for the residents and care staff. This is why it is so important to us to include the care staff in our work.”

Musical events and workshops for care staff

EMBRACE Nederland will organise musical events for care staff and managers, in nursing homes at ten different locations in Fryslân the coming months. The concerts will include local orchestras, ensembles and musical heroes. Care staff can participate in inspiring musical workshops where we will show you how to use music in the daily care practice.
Do you work in the care sector and would you like to join? Please send an email to

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