Young Friesian talents Ybertha and Nynke: a love for music from early on

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The Friesian Youth Orchestra has been performing at the festival ever since CityProms started in 2011. Ybertha Elzinga and Nynke Dijkstra are two young talents who moved up to the big orchestra from the wind-players class, the internal breeding ground of the Friesian Youth Orchestra.

Love for music

18-year-old Ybertha Elzinga is from Leeuwarden and has been playing flute at the Friesian Youth Orchestra for a year. “I’ve always had a lot of love for music. I started playing the flute when I was six. My flute teacher advised me to audition for the FYO. She’s the reason that I came in touch with the FYO.”

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Ybertha’s colleague Nynke Dijkstra is 14-years-old and is from Terkaple. When she was eight she chose to start playing the clarinet for a special reason. “I saw Squidward a character from the animation series Sponge Bob Squarepants, playing clarinet and thought I could do better.”
And she was very right. Her parents encouraged her to audition for the FYO. She started in the wind-players class and moved up to the ‘big orchestra’.

Talent class by Frans Douwe Slot

Next to the Friesian Youth Orchestra Nynke also participates in the talent class led by Frans Douwe Slot, an ensemble that she will also perform with at CityProms. The participants play music at a high level in this class. Nynke: “Frans Douwe teaches us solfege, harmony and piano. I really enjoy this a lot! I want to go to the conservatoire later and you need to know all of that stuff when you audition.” Ybertha also followed classes from Frans Douwe. “He helped me to become a better flautist but he also taught us basic piano-playing.” After a year Ybertha stopped following the talent classes. “Playing the flute is my hobby and I prefer to keep it like that. I enjoy it more now.”


Sunday 1 July, Talent class led by Frans Douwe Slot
11.00 – 12.00 Gerechtshof, Palace of Justice

Sunday 1 July, Friesian Youth Orchestra led by Theo Brouwer
14:45-15:45 Wilhelminaplein, main stage


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